Build Log

(Reverse Chronological Order)

  • (pending) Set up a CSS stylesheet.

  • (pending) make a banner! distill your brand and services to its essence. “Hook me up!” says your visitor.

  • (pending) git init, npm init, gulp init?, bower init?, browserify init?

  • (pending) Set up development environment tools: code editor, node, ruby, etc.

    • in Sublime Text 3, using Package Control’s Package Installer: Install Package installed SidebarEnhancements for better worflow in code editor (specifically after having difficulty finding a way to rename a file in ST3). This plugin is recommended by Jeffrey Way in his 2012 free course: Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text.
  • (pending) Get host. Upload to a hosting service.

  • Use static site generator. In the command line: Jekyll new Thesis
  • purchase domain name and email services. namecheap and pobox/gmail.